Monday, June 19, 2017

Finding a place

"Finding a place" - MacBerger 2017

Have been away the past week as I move jobs and get settled.  It is great to be learning again, but it also forces me to open some uncomfortable spaces and come out again as learning disabled and as someone with anxiety.  It is good to be uncomfortable sometimes, but I had gotten without change, even if I was not always happy with where I was.

We have also had more school drama confronting a lack of understanding around mental illness and indigenous ways of family.  I dealt with it, but it scares me.  There is always a little part of me that worries someone is going to come and take my children away.  Taking the children out of school for the last part of the year has given them space to heal and even though we followed all the rules to do this and it has shown results, we are still suspect as bad parents. 

I also had to face some of my own issues when Qrow (Sophie) asked to get a breast binder.  I did not think this would be something that bothered me, but for some reason it did.  I know this is about them and their journey, but sometimes the old messages die hard in me.  Maybe I am sad too as she is going somewhere I can't follow and can only support.  They were so happy to have the binder and be free to present as either gender.  I guess I thought that support would come without challenges.

So today, participating on a panel on diversity, I created "Finding a place" which I guess is what I am thinking through right now.  Where do I need to go as a mother, employee and person?

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